Professional Care with a Personal Touch

We understand that every pet is unique with their own set of quirks, character traits and personalities. At Personal Touch, our specially trained staff will get to know your pet and all the things that help to make their boarding experience truly wonderful.  We are family owned and operated and state licensed. 

One-on-One Playtime

Each dog gets one-on-one playtime outside with a staff member at least three times a day with no time limit and for no additional charge! We have a beautiful 2-acre yard with pecan trees, squirrels and song birds- more smells than your pups nose knows what to do with! 

Just Bring Food & Meds

We provide bedding and orthopedic mats, toys, treats and bowls. Everything will be sanitized including their kennels, every single day. Cleanliness and safety are the most important things to us.  

Diabetes? Allergies? Supplements? No Problem! Our staff are fully trained to administer injections, oral medications, eye drops and ear cleanser.   

Don't Worry About Anxiety

For our older pups, pups with medical issues or those with anxiety- we have The Quiet Room. A safe, calm space, separate from the larger kennel, where we can keep a closer eye on those who need it while maintaining a tranquil and relaxing environment. 


We post pictures daily to Facebook and Instagram so be sure to subscribe to our pages to see your pups!


  1. Boarding Packet
  2. Rabies Vaccine (dogs & cats)
  3. Distemper Vaccine (dogs & cats)
  4. Bordetella Vaccine
  5. Flu Vaccine (highly recommended)
  6. Food & Treats
  7. Medications (if any)


$25.00 per night for the first pet

$20.00 for each additional pet

  • When your dog boards with us for longer than 7 nights, they will receive a FREE bath and nails ($25 value)
  • You can book grooming, a bath & nails or just a nail trim while your pets are boarding with us

We Can Board All Your Pets

Bunnies, Ferrets, Gerbils, etc

rabbit, ferret, gerbil

Bring their cage, bedding, food, treats and any special instructions and well will ensure they will get lots of snuggles while your'e away. 


cat, kitten, boarding, daycare

Bring their food and litter, we'll take care of the rest! 

Birds, Fish and Reptiles

bird, fish, turtle, lizard, frog, reptile

From the feathered to the fined, no one should be left home alone. Bring their cage or tank, food, treats, and any special instructions and we will take good care of them.

Space is Limited

We are one of the smallest kennels in Onslow County, so space is limited- please be sure to make your holiday reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure your spot!

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Boarding Packet

New Boarding Customers:

Please print packet, fill out and bring with you when you drop off

Boarding Packet (pdf)